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The last few days have been taken up with tours. Tours are great because you can fit a lot in a short amount of time and the tour guides often give some great background information on their culture but the downside is you can feel a bit rushed. We did the day tour of Tokyo on Tuesday and really enjoyed it. The first stop was Tokyo tower. This tower was originally built for TV reception and is actually a little bit bigger than the Eiffel tower in paris. They are apparently in the process of building a new one. It looks beautiful at night and offers some great views of Tokyo. The next stop was a tea ceremony at happo-en, which is also a very popular spot for weddings and we saw one while we were there. They divided the tour group into two groups for the ceremony and so while the first group were in we got to explore the gardens. I took so many photos as it was so beautiful. The coy fish are very sacred in japan and there were hundreds in the pond. There was also a row of bonsai trees with the oldest being over 500 years old. The tea ceremony was beautiful and ritualised, although I managed to lean back too far and bash my head on the glass upsetting the serenity of the occasion and then i nearly dropped the sacred tea cup! All I can say is that I was very tired as I haven't had a full nights sleep since I arrived. Anyway back to the tea ceremony they start with a sugar confectionary lolly and then you drink the green tea which is made from powdered green tea and frothed with a bamboo whisk. It was bitter but I didn't mind it and may drink more green tea when I get home.

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The happiest place on earth

Disneyland Tokyo

Yesterday we went to the happiest place on earth aka Disneyland here in Tokyo. Now like most people I grew up on Disney not only the movies but the Saturday afternoon tv show and when I caught sight of that iconic castle I confess I got a bit of a thrill. Disneyland is beautiful all of the settings and rides are incredibly detailed, however they are pretty tame which was good for scaredy cat me and bad for thrill seeker savannah. Additionally, you have to line up for a minimum of half hour for a 30 sec ride and so by the end of the day this wears a bit thin. Highlights of the day was people watching, the Japanese people look great - incredible fashion sense and they really embraced Disneyland buying all the ears, capes and hats and wearing them. Savannah bought a Cheshire cat cape and I bought a stitch ( from LILO and stitch) for Rhett. Another highlight were the parades and shows, they were colorful and fun and we didn't understand a word they were saying! We also discovered some great snacks - pretzels with sweet cream filling which was divine, prawn and egg spring rolls, pizza spring rolls and chocolate pastry thingys!
We were pretty shattered by 7 and our feet were killing us so we picked up a couple of little souvenirs, caught the train back and walked to our hotel where savannah immediately crashed was going to go downstairs and upload some photos but was too tired so will try and do it tonight!

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First impressions

10 °C

The flight over was very smooth and uneventful no pat down for me this time. We had booked in flight entertainment and I had my toshiba tablet so I had plenty to keep me amused. We finally arrived and decided to just follow the crowd in figuring out where we had to go. Turns out we had to catch a shuttle to the terminal which was fine except for the ignorant American tourist who shoved his way near us nearly knocking savannah over and jamming my fingers . I gave him my most withering stare and moved on. The trip to the terminal was only a minute and I headed straight for the info desk to find SoftBank desk to pick up the sim card. That was easy and so thought I was pretty good and had a handle on this foreign travel caper! I then found the bus transfer into Tokyo and we boarded the bus and headed into Tokyo. It was a long ride about an hour and a half but I didnt mind as we got to see the beautiful lights. My first impression of Tokyo was that it is sparkly! Even the roadworks signs are sparkly and I saw a worker with little flashing red lights on his work vest , very pretty! It is coming up to Christmas and so
Everything is decorated, the trees are full of fairylights and it is simply stunning I hope to get some photos tonight! We get to our bus stop which is outside another hotel and the porter there flags a taxi over and helps us put the bags in the car. Cost 710 yen to get to our hotel Shiba park and so we get coins which fascinated savannah. We check out our room and it has one of those fabulous toilets you hear the Japanese have with the bidet and fragrance dispenser I still haven't figured it all out yet. Also loved the toiletries that were provided -razor, toothbrush and even spare hair ties! No wifi in the hotel so I quickly skyped Gary on my phone and we crashed! Had a pretty broken sleep but we are up and ready to take on Disneyworld as soon as we work out how to get there!

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Night before

Ok it is the night before we leave and I think I have packed everything I need and the butterfiles have started.. am nervous and excited at the same time! Tokyo here we come :)

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